The Issue

Today’s world has our water filled with harmful algae, bacteria and microcystins

our solution

Our Solution

NBOT technology is the best green solution to cleaning the worlds’ water

green water

Our Technology

Ozone infused Nano Bubbles safely & effectively return our polluted waters to their natural state

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Green Water Solutions uses Nano Bubble Ozone Technology (NBOT) to eradicate toxins, algae, microcysistins, nitrates, and phosphates to name a few. This innovative technology is a Green Technology that does not use chemicals and leaves only O2 as a by product. Treatments of the Lock at Port Mayaca, Florida and Lake Newport, Ohio have shown remarkable results in both chemical makeup and visual appearance.

How it all came to be

Who we are

Green Water Solutions is an innovative technology company comprised of a team of talented individuals that are implementing Nano Bubble Ozone Technology (NBOT).

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