Ohio State and Florida Universities Reports

The following excerpts are from a presentation at the ICTC conference. This is preliminary data and has not been peer reviewed at this time.

Our NBOT system creates 256 million nanobubbles per milliliter allowing the bubbles to remain in the water and travel throughout the water column.

The nanobubbles remain in the water for days which allows them to travel throughout the water column enabling them to work throughout the body of water.

The increase in total ozone over time shows how the ozone in the bubbles continue to work for days at a time.

The reduction in cyanobacteria throughout the lake shows how the bubbles travel and reduce cyanobacteria over the entire lake and how effective they are compared to the control of Grand Lake St Mary’s.

NBOT is far less invasive on Zooplankton than other chemical treatments and is even shown to be beneficial at lower doses.

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